Your leading staffng service provider!!!!!



Saatchi and Associates, LLC. is a leading provider of staffing services.  Saatchi and Associates, LLC. is partnering with both Fortune 500 and Emerging Growth companies across multiple vertical industries and markets, successfully completing client engagements.


Our mission is to provide creative and strategic solutions which propel clients to the top of their industries.  We provide an all-out commitment to excellence.  We will partner with our clients to strengthen their business operations and grow their revenue.

Saatchi assists clients with a full complement of creative staffing needs, including:

• Contract and Temporary Staffing
• Direct Hire
• Executive Search
• Payroll Transfer
• Outsourcing

The firm’s practice areas include engineering, accounting, technology, finance, tax and human resources in most major industries. By partnering with Saatchi and Associates, LLC, client partners are liberated to focus on their most strategic issues. Saatchi service delivery models are tailored to each client and based on industry best practices. Contact us today to start a great business partnership.